Month: November 2021

How Does Neurofeedback Help Treat Addiction?

Research shows that people grappling with addiction problems often have brainwave imbalances. Neurofeedback can help treat addiction by balancing and re-training these individuals’ brain waves.

How Individual Therapy Can Help You Recover

In addition to helping you articulate your feelings and emotions, individual therapy can actually help you recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Here’s how.

How Does MDMA Affect The Brain?

MDMA doesn’t just affect the body. The drug can also negatively affect the brain in a number of ways and cause long-term cognitive damage.

Can Mental Illness Be Cured?

When most people think of the word “cure,” they mean that an illness or ailment is gone forever. Because it is considered a chronic condition, mental illness doesn’t work that way. But there’s hope.