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Mental Health Stabilization

Achieve relief from acute mental health challenges.

When a loved one experiences an acute mental health crisis, they are likely confused, intimidated, and certainly frightened. At StoneRidge, we understand the importance of delivering ethical, compassionate care in times of great need. That’s why we provide inpatient mental health services through our specialized division Pronghorn Psychiatry, calling upon decades of experience assisting people in immediate need.

The Pronghorn Promise

As a specialized team within StoneRidge, Pronghorn Psychiatry combines our triple-board-certified neuropsychiatrist with our experienced team of Registered Nurses to provide care to patients struggling with acute mental health needs. As a recognized and trusted provider of psychiatric services, Pronghorn is able to help patients who need the highest quality care delivered efficiently and effectively.

What to Expect

Our mental health stabilization program welcomes patients with a comprehensive neuropsychiatric evaluation followed by full nursing and biopsychosocial assessments. Through these assessments, the Pronghorn team creates a treatment plan, including appropriate diagnoses and medication recommendations. Throughout treatment, the medical team evaluates patient needs and adjusts the treatment plan accordingly.

Average lengths of stay vary widely depending on the complexity of a patient’s symptoms and how they respond to treatment and medication. Once the initial assessments are complete, patients are welcome to talk with their treatment providers for an estimate on their length of stay.

We also include patients in medication education starting early in the program to help alleviate anxiety or fear that may accompany admission into the program. Our highly skilled nursing team provides medication education alongside 24-hour monitoring to determine effectiveness and side effects. Additionally, each patient’s medical team has around-the-clock access to our medical director for treatment interventions as needed. We work hard to ensure patients have confidence in the care they receive and that we always put patient safety first in all we do.

Unsure if your loved one is suffering from an acute mental health challenge? Call us today for a free and confidential conversation.

Innovative, Evidence-Based Therapies

Because mental health and addiction concerns are so often interconnected, we utilize research-based approaches with evidence-based outcomes that promote overall healing and recovery.

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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
This low-impact magnetic stimulation activates neurons inside the brain, relieving symptoms associated with depression and anxiety.

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qEEG/Brain Mapping
Using brain scanning and readings, we create a map of our patients' brains, helping us develop more targeted and effective treatments.

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This process assists patients in visualizing their own brain functionality through continuous EEG readings.

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Spravato Therapy
We use carefully monitored doses of Spravato to help patients struggling with complex mental health disorders, including severe depression.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Patients use this practice to help reframe intrusive or negative thought patterns and develop coping techniques for long-term recovery.

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
This practice helps patients learn to regulate emotions, communicate more effectively, and process their own thoughts and feelings..

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Eye Movement Desensitization (EMDR)
Licensed and trained therapists guide patients through this technique for managing stress and anxiety on an ongoing basis.

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Individual Therapy
Patients experience one-on-one therapy sessions with a licensed therapist to provide a safe and private place to recover and heal.

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Group/Family Therapy
Patients can practice the skills and techniques they have learned in treatment with others in a safe, therapist-guided space. .
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