Month: September 2020

Can You Retrain A Brain with Anxiety?

Living in a constant state of anxiety can flood our brains with stress hormones, making it hypersensitive to threats and more difficult to think logically. The good news is that the brain can change and learn new behavior patterns.

How Arizona Is Battling the Opioid Epidemic

Like most states, Arizona has felt the ripples of the nation’s opioid epidemic. Luckily, Arizona has several action plans and specific legislation in place to help battle the opioid epidemic.

Can Untreated Anxiety & Depression Harm The Brain?

A combination of therapy and medication can help treat anxiety and depression. But if left untreated, anxiety and depression can cause measurable changes in key areas of your brain.

Can You Get a Brain Scan for Mental Illness?

To help bring some clarity to mental health diagnoses doctors, scientists, and behavioral health experts have started to look at brain scans as a way to help diagnose mental illness.