Mental Health Services

Brain-focused mental health support and treatment.

We provide a combination of innovative neuroscience-based treatment and world-class clinical care to patients coping with mental health challenges. If you or a loved one need compassionate care and research-based treatment, we invite you to begin your recovery with StoneRidge today. All calls are always free and fully confidential.

From Stabilization to Treatment

We understand that each of our patients arrives with different experiences, needs, and goals. That’s why we offer a continuum of care, from acute mental health stabilization to outpatient treatment, in order to meet patients where they are.

For those with loved ones in active crisis, we navigate the complex behavioral health care system on their behalf, assisting with referrals and paperwork as needed. When patients need ongoing support and management, we provide a complete assessment and plan of care upon admission into our program.

Treatment Process

Our mental health treatment program is both comprehensive and customized, matching the appropriate treatment modalities to each patient based on their plan of care. Patients work closely with the clinical and medical teams to develop treatment schedules that help move them towards their goals. 

Among the modalities patients can experience at StoneRidge include:

(TMS) involves the use of small magnetic pulses that stimulate the areas of the brain that control mood. It is much like treating depression, anxiety, and OCD with MRI technology. TMS is safe and effective and performed right in the office. This treatment is excellent for people who choose to not take medication or have experienced adverse side effects. StoneRidge also makes TMS available for those who meet the criteria for Autism, PTSD, ADHD, and Cognitive Disorders, with excellent success rates, however these are not always covered by insurance.

qEEG/Brain Mapping uses complex brain scans and visualizations—including more than 20 different readings—to create a map of the patient’s brain, helping our clinicians develop more targeted treatments.

Neurofeedback helps patients “see inside” their brain, making it easier to prioritize positive behaviors, manage challenging patterns, and control brain activity.

Ketamine Therapy is used for patients with severe depression. Many patients report feeling better in as little as one day. This treatment is administered in the office and is closely monitored.

(CBT) helps patients recognize and manage repetitive thoughts and behaviors through reframing techniques.

(DBT) equips patients with skills like Distress Tolerance, Emotional Regulation, and Interpersonal Effectiveness to help them become more aware of their thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions.

(EMDR) led by our certified EMDR therapist, for managing stress and anxiety.

MUSE Meditation, where patients use advanced technology to find a calm and centered sense of focus that helps manage anxiety.

Physical Education focusing on daily movement, stretching, and mindfulness.

“Brain Diet” lessons focus on the connection between nutrition, mental health, and wellness.

Experiential Therapeutic Learning helps connect patients with the arts and creative outlets.

SMART Goals workshops teach patients how to set and achieve realistic goals specific to their treatment and their individual real-life situations.

Treatment Team brings together the patient and their treatment partners, including the medical director, clinical director, therapist, RN, and case manager, to discuss and update the treatment plan.

Process Group helps patients put the skills and techniques they have learned into practice in a safe, therapist-guided space.

Individual Therapy/EMDR Sessions with licensed professional therapists allow patients one-on-one discussion time at regularly scheduled times throughout their treatment.

Individual Medication Education allows patients to discuss questions, concerns, or updates about any medications with the medical team.

  • Individual Case Management gives patients an opportunity to practice life skills, discuss their social wellbeing, and explore employment opportunities, as well as set long-term goals.

Do you need support and assistance for yourself or a loved one with a mental health challenge?  Contact us today for a free and confidential conversation.

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Neuro+ plus

TMS, Ketamine & Neurofeedback

Brain-focused treatment that sets us apart.

StoneRidge offers what few other practices provide – innovative, scientifically proven, and research-backed therapeutic options. From Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to Brain Mapping, our treatment combines trusted practices with modern approaches, ensuring our patients receive the best all-around care.