Neuro+ Plus Emersion

Medically Monitored Detox & Mental Health Stabilization

In Neuro+ Plus Emersion, patients receive effective, around-the-clock treatment they and their loved ones can trust. Our medically monitored detox and mental health stabilization program warmly welcomes patients with a comprehensive evaluation and a full nursing assessment to create a treatment plan that includes appropriate diagnoses and collaborative care. We work tirelessly to ensure patients have confidence in the care they receive, and we always put patient safety and peace of mind first.

Why Neuro+ Plus Emersion?

Safe, supervised support. The detoxification, or “detox,” process is for anyone beginning a treatment program after a period of frequent substance use. This step marks a significant turning point that will change the course of their lives. It can be an emotional and exhausting experience, but they won’t be alone.

During the detox process, patients receive focused, around-the-clock medical care and mental health stabilization as they undergo withdrawal from addictive substances. With an impressive rate of withdrawal success, patients can enter into one of our StoneRidge treatment programs to continue their sobriety journey.

Mental Health Stabilization

Progress with greater clarity and concentration. Our specialized team combines our triple-board-certified neuropsychiatrist with our experienced registered nurses to provide personalized care to patients struggling with an acute mental health crisis. As a recognized and trusted provider of mental health services, we help patients who need the highest quality acute care before transitioning to one of our StoneRidge treatment programs.

What to Expect

Case-by-case care. The StoneRidge staff works as a team during the detoxification process. Our specialized Registered Nurses and a triple-board-certified Neuropsychiatrist provide continuous 24-hour care for the patient. The nursing and treatment teams monitor the effectiveness of medications prescribed, as well as any potential side effects.

Throughout the Emersion process, our nursing staff conducts individual assessments of each patient based on their needs. Patients thrive with tailor-made treatments; we do not follow a “one size fits all” approach.  Every patient’s treatment plan is personalized for their rehabilitation and renewal journey.

Our medical and clinical team continue the evaluation process throughout the entire stay, only keeping patients in the program for as long as medically necessary during detoxification. For mental health stabilization, once the initial assessments are complete, patients can talk openly with their treatment providers for a projection on their length of stay. This educated estimation provides incentive and encouragement to make every moment with us a milestone.

Patient safety is always our top priority. Our team closely monitors any medications used for withdrawal management, ensuring their effectiveness, and watching for any unwanted side effects. Throughout detox, our nursing staff conducts individual assessments of each patient based on the Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment for Alcohol (CIWA) and the Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale (COWS) protocols.

Patients remain safely in detox until they are clear of substances and medically cleared to transition into one of our treatment programs.

mental health provider in Prescott reviewing brain scans

Neuro+ plus

TMS, Ketamine & Neurofeedback

Brain-focused treatment that sets us apart.

StoneRidge offers what few other practices provide – innovative, scientifically proven, and research-backed therapeutic options. From Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to Brain Mapping, our treatment combines trusted practices with modern approaches, ensuring our patients receive the best all-around care.