Treatment for Every Phase.

We understand the importance of delivering ethical,
Compassionate care in times of need.

Which Program is Right for You?

The StoneRidge team evaluates each patient to ensure they are matched with the most effective treatment regimen based on their needs and personal preferences. Each program is intensive, with specialized treatment options, requiring time and commitment for success.

StoneRidge Flex - Outpatient Program

The Flex mental health treatment program is both comprehensive and customized, matching the appropriate treatment modalities to each patient based on their plan of care. Patients work closely with the clinical and medical teams to develop treatment schedules that help move them towards their goals.

The Flex program offers:



Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) 
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
Eye Movement
Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)



StoneRidge Restart - Intensive Outpatient Program

The StoneRidge Restart program is flexible for your lifestyle, as you prepare to return to your daily schedule, commitments, and relationships on a regular basis. Working with our clinical team, the Intensive Outpatient Program enables you to experience greater independence and accountability while achieving other wellness goals such as finding employment and attending support meetings outside of the treatment program.

Our StoneRidge Restart IOP is ideal for patients who need more than typical outpatient talk therapy and medication management. Alongside group therapy, we include Neuro+ Plus

StoneRidge Reclaim - Partial Hospitalization Program

StoneRidge Reclaim Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP).  Our PHP provides access to safe, structured treatment environment without total disruption to your daily routine. Experience fully integrated treatment, beginning with a comprehensive, customized treatment plan and access to an individual therapist to help personalize your treatment goals. 

Choosing treatment within the StoneRidge Reclaim (PHP) allows patients a greater degree of flexibility while still providing them in-depth mental health care and addiction recovery (when applicable). Patients take advantage of Neuro+ Plus being included.

StoneRidge Emersion - Medically Monitored Detox & Mental Health Stabilization

In StoneRidge Emersion, patients receive effective, around-the-clock treatment they and their loved ones can trust. Our medically monitored detox and mental health stabilization program warmly welcomes patients with a comprehensive evaluation and a full nursing assessment to create a treatment plan that includes appropriate diagnoses and collaborative care. We always put patient safety and peace of mind first. Emersion includes Neuro+ Plus.

The detoxification, or “detox,” process is for anyone beginning a treatment program after a period of frequent substance use. Patients experience focused medical care and mental health stabilization as they undergo withdrawal from addictive substances. With proper around-the-clock medical care, patients are usually able to manage withdrawal successfully and enter into one of our StoneRidge treatment programs.

Our specialized team combines our triple-board-certified Neuropsychiatrist with our experienced registered nurses to provide personalized care to patients struggling with an acute mental health crisis. As a recognized and trusted provider of mental health services, we help patients who need the highest quality acute care before transitioning to one of our StoneRidge treatment programs.

mental health provider in Prescott reviewing brain scans

Neuro+ plus

TMS, Ketamine & Neurofeedback

Brain-focused treatment that sets us apart.

StoneRidge offers what few other practices provide – innovative, scientifically proven, and research-backed therapeutic options. From Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to Brain Mapping, our treatment combines trusted practices with modern approaches, ensuring our patients receive the best all-around care.