Brain Focused Care

Is Exercise Good For The Brain?

Age, stress, mental health challenges, and addiction can negatively affect the brain. Fortunately, there are many ways exercise helps improve cognitive function and brain health.

How Does Heroin Affect the Brain?

Using heroin can impact various parts of your body in a number of different ways, but some of the most damaging effects of heroin actually occur in the brain.

How Does EMDR Therapy Benefit The Brain?

EMDR therapy has been shown to help people process past traumatic events, reducing anxiety and depression. Besides these benefits, research also suggests that this form of therapy can help improve cognitive function, memory, and brain connectivity.

6 Ways Quitting Alcohol Benefits The Brain

When most people think about the benefits of quitting alcohol, they typically focus on the physical effects. However, there are also many benefits to quitting alcohol regarding brain health.

How Does CBT Benefit The Brain?

Studies show that CBT can change the structure and function of the brain and can help improve individuals’ mental and emotional wellbeing. Here’s how.

Marijuana Short and Long-Term Effects On The Brain

Despite what you may have heard, marijuana is not entirely harmless. While it’s true that the drug has several potential medical uses, it can also cause some short-and long-term effects on the brain.

What Is The Connection Between The Brain and Behavior?

While we can not control all of the factors that influence our brain activity, it’s important to know how they can affect our behavior. By understanding the brain, we can understand why we behave the way we do – and even find ways to change our behavior for the better.

How Depression and Addiction Affect The Brain In Similar Ways

Most people know that addiction and depression affect the mind and body. What people may not know is that these two conditions, which are quite different, can have similar effects on the brain.

Is There A Link Between Addiction and Dementia?

Exploring the link between addiction and dementia is essential. Doing so can help us better understand these conditions and may lead to new and improved treatments.

Can Art and Music Therapy Help Heal The Brain?

While the brain is an incredibly complex organ, it can be healed and nurtured through creative means, like music and art therapy. Here’s how.