Month: July 2021

Why Outdoor Exercise Is Good For Your Brain and Your Recovery

Outdoor exercise can benefit your brain and boost your energy levels, which can help change your outlook on life, improve the recovery process, and enhance your overall well-being.

Does Trauma Make Individuals More Likely to Use Addictive Substances?

Even though researchers continue to study the connection between trauma and substance use, data consistently shows that trauma can make individuals more likely to use addictive substances. Here’s why.

The Relationship Between Stress, Traumatic Stress, and Addiction

Research shows that there’s a connection between stress, traumatic stress, and addiction. Here’s a little insight into how they’re all connected.

How Your Diet Impacts Your Brain Health

Most people don’t think about their brain when they’re eating, but the type of food and drink you consume does affect brain health. Here’s how diet and brain health are connected.

What Is Brain Plasticity and Why Is It Important In Recovery?

Harmful habits, such as habitual drug use or excessive drinking, can cause the brain to change in ways that can lead to addiction. Luckily, neuroplasticity can play an equally important role in addiction recovery.